GTA 5 Money Drop PS4

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You might receive a part of your money drop in cars such as deluxo and scramjets, which you can quickly sell and receive the total amount in cash.

If you play on PS5, please check GTA 5 Money Drop PS5.

Please read the requirements below and ensure that you follow all the steps for a fast and smooth process.


1) PSN account email and password

2) 300,000$ on your GTA Online Character (three hundred thousand dollars)

3) PS Plus Subscription on Your PSN Account, which will be boosted

4) GTA Saves have to be uploaded to online storage. Please check the instruction down below on how to do that.

How Upload GTA Saves to Online Storage:
1. Open Setting on your Playstation
2. Go to Application Saved Data Management
3. Go to Save Data in System Storage
4. Go upload to online Storage
5. Go to GTA 5
6. Choose autosave
7. Click on upload (if it asks you to overwrite saves – click yes)
8. Please don’t use the rest mode.

9. Ensure that 2-Step Verification is enabled on your account.

PS5 instructions on how to upload saves to the cloud – Go to Settings > Saved Data and Game/App Settings. Select Saved Data (PS5) or Saved Data (PS4). Select Console Storage and select a game > Upload to Cloud Storage.

Once you get logged out, please unplug your PS from electricity. Please don’t use the rest mode. Otherwise, your money can be lost.

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