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GTABoosting offers you a high-quality gta v modded account that will never be banned or stolen. Please make sure that you're buying an account for the correct platform. We always identify the account platform in the account's title, it can be ps4 or xbox one.

Scroll down to check our accounts, ask questions in live chat and click on "pay now" when you're ready to place an order. Our payment gateway will ask you for your contact email address, and you will receive your account details on your email.

How to use the gta 5 modded account? Just create a new user on your ps4/xbox one and log in using the account details which we send you after purchase.

If your budget is low or you want just to buy gta online money, go to our main page and check packages for all platforms.

What is GTA Online modded account? It's an account which was transferred from last generation platforms such as PS3 and Xbox 360.

The GTA online character transfer function was closed in March, 2017. Modded accounts are super rare nowadays. That's the reason why it’s so expensive.

We’re selling accounts for PS4 and for Xbox One, too. You can see a list of accounts down below. It’s 100% safe, all details such as email and passwords are changeable. On xbox one you will able to change even your online id (gamertag).

If you have any questions let us know, and we’ll be glad to help you!

5 account in stock now: 5(ps4), 0 (xbox one)


Account description:
PS4 Modded account: 121 rank,900 MILLION in vehicles you can sell and get 1 billion in total! 96 millon cash, 400 vehicles: 10 oppressors Mk II(you can sell each for 2.3 million), rest in deluxos you can sell each for 2.8 million, all properties and businesses, mobile ops, terrobyte, + 40 pegasus transport + expensive planes, 2 characters

Pay now - $220.00

Account description:
605 rank, 2.6 Billion $$, 310 million spent on cars and properties, 1.17 k/d stats, max stats, unlocks, +10$ on PSN balance

Pay now - 250$

Account description:
122 rank, 405 million, 2 modded outfits, fireworks unlimited, max stats, 661 million spent on cars and properties, many sport cars

Pay now - 220$

Account description:
PS4 Modded Account: 1.8 Billion $$, 126 rank and 518 rank, 2 characters male/female, office, bunker, nightclub etc, many garages with sport cars, modded outfits, 819 million spent on properties and cars, fixed Player vs Player Kill / Death ratio 1.55

Pay now - 250$

Account description:
HOT PS4 Modded account: 613 Rank, 2 billlion cash, unlock all, 482 million spent on cars and properties, fixed Player vs Player Kill / Death ratio 1.13, many sport cars, max stats, unlocks

Pay now - 250$

We'll add new accounts very soon!

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