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How To Make Money In GTA Online Fast – Best Methods

  • 20.09.2021
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How To Make Money In GTA Online fast

Everybody playing GTA Online has a question, how to make money fast in GTA online? GTA Online is consistently updated, and Rockstar adds new cars, properties, and car upgrades to the game, which costs a lot. The fastest, easiest, and most expensive way will be to buy shark cards in GTA online, but it’s way overpriced.

In this blog post, we will provide you with the best and fastest methods to have a lot of cash to buy everything in-game and be prepared for the upcoming updates.

1. Heists

(up to $400k an hour, friends required)

It’s not a secret for anyone that heists the most profitable way to make GTA online money for free, but it’s not easy and takes time. Be aware that you will need to be at least 12 levels, and you will need to own a high-end apartment to start any heist, which will cost you some money, too (prices start from $200,000).

To start the heist, you have to host it and invite three friends or random people to the lobby. In total, four people will be completing the heist. Different difficulties will affect the reward you will get from the heist. There are five heists, and the payout for the last one can be up to 1.25M$ on the hard difficult – $500k (Easy), $1M (Normal), $1.25M(Hard), which might sound like a lot, but it’s not in reality.

2. Vehicle Cargo and Special Cargo

(up to $300k in hour, solo)

If you had issues finding people to do the heists, consider that method because you can do it solo. You have to have a car warehouse and office to start using these methods.

You will have to steal and deliver cars to the warehouse for vehicle cargo. Remember that the mission can only be started in the free mode sessions. For each car, you will earn from 15k$ to 80k$.

Special cargo is like a vehicle, but you have to source animals, art, medical supplies, jewelry, weapons, tobacco, and other physical stuff.

3. VIP Missions

(up to $150k)

You can start VIP missions if you are the CEO or VIP of your organization. To do that, open the interaction menu, click VIP work, and choose one of the missions to start.

You can combine VIP missions with the special and vehicle cargo missions we explained in method #2 to maximize your hourly earning.

4. Bunker business

(solo, up to $80k an hour)

It’s a passive and amazing solo method to make money in GTA Online. Buy a bunker to start a gun-running business. All you will have to do is to purchase supplies and sell the product your business produces via missions.

5. Motorcycle Club
(solo, up to $80k an hour)

Pretty much the same as the gun business, but with the motorcycle club, your product will be drugs. Absolutely passive, buy supplies and sell the product.

6. Double Money Events

You have probably seen ads of double-money events many times when loading into GTA Online. That’s a great way to make money. Once you see those events, make sure to participate. The jobs always are different. We can’t specify which job will be on the current week. Just check the loading screen or news on the official Rockstar Games website.

7. Money Glitches

You can find some money glitches on the internet, more likely on gaming forums or youtube, which you can try to do. It requires high skill and lots of time and can harm your account, so please be cautious and better entrust this work to professionals.

8. Buy GTA Online Money

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9. Buy GTA 5 Modded Account

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