GTA 5 Xbox One (Any Xbox) Modded Account (500 Million)

Account includes:

500 Million (100M$ in cash, 400M$ in cars deluxo which you can easily sell and get full 500M$)
Rank 120-200

What is GTA Online modded account? It’s a whole new Xbox Live account that has been created by our professional modding team and it’s been modded by them.

After purchase, you will get Xbox Email and password and instructions on how to use the modded account, delivery time is from 15 min to 2 hours.

It is safe and GTA Boosting gives you a lifetime warranty on any modded account you purchase from us.

If you wish to have your existing character to be modded, please check our gta 5 money drop for xbox one. If you will have any questions, please ask them in the live chat or check or contacts page.

All payments are
securely protected