Diamond Modded GTA Online Package for PC

Diamond PC Package

Package includes:

Any Rank
$1 Billion in-game cash
Unlock All + Extras

We will apply that package to your existing GTA Online PC character, you will be able to choose which level you would like to get.

Prepare your Steam/Social club details, make sure it’s correct.
Important! It’s the Account Share method. After purchase, you would need to provide login details.

If you use steam – you have to provide a steam login (not email) and password and make sure that the steam guard is disabled (email and mobile steam guard should be disabled)

if you are on the social club – provide a social club email and password and make sure that 2 step verification is disabled.

Click on the “Buy now” button below and place an order, if you will have any questions – our support agents will be happy to help you on the live chat.

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